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Performance Excellence. Competent at Work. Skills for High Performance. Whichever way you look at it, employees and entreprereurs alike are working towards the same goal – to have the necessary skills to accomplish their goals faster and in a better manner. Treinova 360 is a solution built just to support your efforts in this area. To build competency for excellence. Simplify the process of L&D administration, make it easy to measure results and get life-time access to just the right resources adapted to your own learning styles and needs – all with Treinova 360.

Performance Driven Learning

Digitize and Automate your L&D Process

Training Needs Analysis


Training Needs Assessment is an indispensable cornerstone of your organization’s success. It serves as the compass that guides your learning and development initiatives. By systematically identifying and addressing competency gaps in your teams, your organization can remain agile, competitive, and adaptable in an ever-changing business landscape. Training Needs Assessment ensures that training investments are directed towards the areas that truly matter, resulting in improved employee performance, enhanced productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and ultimately, a stronger bottom line. In essence, this is the strategic bridge that connects individual growth to organizational excellence, aligning learning objectives with business goals and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. 

L&D Administration


Treinova 360’s Learning and Development Management Module is built with intuitive and innovative features that seamlessly integrate data from your Training Needs Assessment. It enables L&D Administrators to create bespoke learner batches, generate dynamic learning calendars, and automate individualized annual learning plans. With a user-friendly interface and automated notifications, it streamlines administrative efforts, saves time and promotes a culture of engagement.  

The hand-crafted features of Treinova 360 revolutionizes talent management, aligning training initiatives with organizational objectives for a more efficient and strategic approach to learning and development.  

Welcome to a new era of streamlined, data-driven, and effective talent management with Treinova 360! 

Manage Learning Calendar

Streamlining Learning, Optimizing Time 

Treinova 360’s Annual Calendar Management Module helps streamline organizational learning. You can now easily align your team’s learning initiatives with their business goals, ensuring a cohesive and goal-oriented approach to skill building and competency development. This module helps you to efficiently allocate resources with centralized views, minimizing logistical challenges for seamless learning programs. You can tailor the annual calendar with individualized learning paths, accommodating diverse skill development needs. Real-time updates enable agile responsiveness, ensuring the learning strategy remains dynamic and aligned with evolving business requirements. Your L&D function is now empowered to optimize resources and plan strategically

Feedback Management

Elevating Learning Impact with Feedback and ROI Measurement 

Treinova 360’s Feedback and ROI Measurement Module transforms learning impact by systematically gathering comprehensive feedback and quantifying the return on investment. Drive continuous improvement by identifying strengths and areas for enhancement based on learner insights. Evaluate individual learning effectiveness to provide personalized support, tailoring strategies to meet organizational goals. Generate transparent reports on feedback and ROI metrics, showcasing the tangible value of learning initiatives to stakeholders.  

Welcome to a present, where learning impact is quantifiable, continuously optimized, and strategically aligned with your organizational objectives! 

Content Management

Treinova 360: Elevating Learning with Dynamic Content Management 

Treinova 360’s Content Management transforms learning by offering versatile content options for behavioral and leadership competencies. You can choose, adapt, or contextualize existing content effortlessly, thereby saving time for your Learning and Development teams. This feature ensures relevance by delivering curated content directly to learners’ smartphones, fostering a culture of continuous learning. With a user-friendly interface, Treinova 360 simplifies content management, allowing you to customize your employee’s learning experience seamlessly. Experience how tailored and impactful learning is at your fingertips with Treinova 360’s Content Management Module. 

Competency Management

Assessment before Development for Individuals and Teams

Competency management is vital for your organization, as it strategically aligns employee skills with your business objectives, ensuring a workforce capable of meeting evolving challenges. It fosters a culture of continuous learning, enhancing employee engagement and job satisfaction. This module helps you to define, assess and develop key competencies, so that you can optimize talent placement, improve overall performance, and maintain a competitive edge in the market. Treinova 360’s Competency Management Module is the linchpin that harmonizes individual capabilities with organizational success, creating a dynamic and resilient workforce. 

Expense Management

Revolutionizing Learning Budget Management

Treinova 360’s Budget Management Module revolutionizes the way you manage L&D spends. Optimizing budget utilization month-on-month, tracking expenditures in real-time, and automating transparent financial reporting are just some of the features you will appreciate. Right along with your TNA process, you will benefit from proactive financial planning so that your learning initiatives stay within budget, while customized controls strike a balance between oversight and flexibility. Treinova 360 empowers your organization to maximize the impact of your learning investments. Welcome to a world where your learning investment is aligned with your business goals! 

Customized Reports

Visualizing Results, Elevating Insights 

Treinova 360’s Customized Reporting Module revolutionizes insights by offering tailored reports for L&D, HR, BUs and other business stakeholders. Utilizing dynamic visualizations, it transforms complex data into easily understandable formats, fostering informed decision-making. Reports bridge the gap between L&D and business objectives, showcasing the direct impact of training initiatives on organizational success. Real-time analytics enable adaptive strategies, allowing for continuous monitoring and adjustment of L&D programs. With an intuitive user interface, Treinova 360 ensures accessible insights, fostering a culture of collaboration and data-driven decision-making across your organization. 

FasTrack Progress

A high flying career path is like setting sail on a long journey, where success is not just a destination but a series of milestones. Securing a job is a key pitstop that involves not only acquiring qualifications but also showcasing a passion for performance and a commitment for growth. Once anchored in a role, high performance and sustained success is cultivated through a dedication to continuous learning, adaptability to evolving situations, and the ability to habitually exceed expectations.

Treinova 360 is an Integrated Talent Management System that is designed to support just what we have described here – successful career paths. Treinova 360 enables you to manage team and individual competencies, and continuous learning plans, thereby equipping individuals for their respective career paths. This helps invigorate and grow talent in your organization.

Where do you want to start?

Treinova 360 enables you to assess training needs, manage budgets, plan the annual learning calendar, monitor delivery of training and other learning events, manage learning resources, and track the efficiency of learning and development programs. It is called “integrated” because it provides a centralized platform that integrates various learning resources and activities, including online courses, instructor-led training, e-books, video tutorials, assessments, and more.  

Exclusive Content Library

100+ Interactive Courses

All our courses are in a blended learning format supporting a flipped class room model.

Video Tutorials

Our courses have video learning components that support your visual learning preferences.

Assessment Based

All learning programs begin with an assessment on the competency under consideration. 

Blogs Enrich Learning

Our blogs help you apply the learning content to your work context. Always relevant to today keeping learning alive.

Mobile App

Benefit from ease of access right from the comfort of your smartphones. Available both on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

Community Learning

Benefit from the wisdom and experience of the community. Learn from those who have already learnt.

Facilitator Connect

Stay in touch with your facilitators no matter when you have taken a course. 

Gamified Learning

Collaborate and learn, compete and celebrate! Our learning system distinguishes your efforts and rewards you.

New Monthly Content

We update our content each month to ensure it is in line with the changing needs of the market.

Lifetime Access

Your Gateway to Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

At Treinova 360, we are committed to providing an unparalleled learning experience that evolves with you. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our regular content updates, ensuring that you always have access to the latest industry insights, trends, and skills. With Treinova 360, your learning journey is not just comprehensive; it’s lifelong. Embrace the assurance that once you enroll, access to all courses is yours for a lifetime, empowering you to stay ahead in your career and thrive in the ever-changing professional landscape. Welcome to a platform where learning is not just an event; it’s a continuous, lifelong journey tailored to your success with Treinova 360.

a per person per month investment of just

₹ 150

  • Life time access to all subscribed courses
  • Save when you pay annually
  • Benefit from price lock when you subscribe
  • Free platform integration with select plans
  • White-labelled solutions available
  • Save when you pay annually

“Treinova 360 is the perfect solution to organizations that need seemless integration of the L&D Processes.”

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“The customizations and integrations with other applications make it easy for us to use with existing services.”

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“It’s a great cost saving tool. It optimizes the efficiency of the L&D Teams within organizations”

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